Using Carpet Remnants To Repair Your Carpet

Uncategorized / Thursday, April 5th, 2018

A carpet remnant is a strip of a carpet that remains after the initial installation of your carpet. The residues usually vary in shape and size, but you can trim them to fit whichever place you want to repair. Most people do not keep the carpet remnants. It is sad to know that some sell them while others throw them away like trash. The moment you see the importance of these carpet remnants, you will treasure them like gold.

You can place pieces of carpet remnants in the living room to prevent the existing carpet from wearing out fast. For instance, if your carpet has a stubborn stain that will not come out, a particular part of the rug has become discolored and flattened out due to high traffic, or perhaps a part of the carpet accidentally got burnt by sparks of fire from the fireplace, consider repairing using carpet remnants. The repair is quite simple, and you will attain a nice-looking carpet because carpet remnants are usually the same texture, color, and material.

If you did not save up any remnant from the initial installation, you could shop around in carpet stores and warehouses. There you will find a piece that will match with your carpet perfectly. It is a good step instead of discarding your damaged rug and buying a new one. In cases where you cannot get a matching piece from the store, you can resolve to steal a piece of carpet from hidden areas like under the closet or furniture that you rarely move.

Nonetheless, let us hope it does not get to that point. Most popular carpet colors are available in shops as remnants. You could save a lot of money by replacing a carpet using a matching carpet remnant. If you are trying to replace a small room with carpets, it is economical to shop for carpet remnants. You can find a large piece of carpet remnant that can cover the entire floor of a small room.

Even if you do not use remnants to repair your carpet, do not throw them away because they are beneficial. You could cut it into smaller pieces and place them under the legs of chairs and table. It will prevent the chairs from making permanent indentations to the carpet. You can even use the carpet remnant as a door or kitchen mat.

Carpet remnants can serve many purposes around the house. Do not sell them for just a small amount of money. At one point or another, you will need them because accidents happen. Drinks may spill on the floor and make a permanent stain. The pet’s claws can accidentally tear up a part of the carpet. Whatever the case, it is best if you have your carpet remnants kept safely. They will save you the hassle of walking in and out of carpet stores trying to find a matching piece to repair your carpet.

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