Advantages of Wool Rugs

Uncategorized / Thursday, May 17th, 2018

Carpets can be classified into many types. They can be distinguished by their make or construction. Some are hooked, hand knotted, flat woven, or braided while others are determined by their place of origin. From country to country, the artisanship varies thereby explaining the distinctive mark that different carpets possess. French carpets and American carpets are different from oriental carpets. Their size and quality is also a factor in classification. However, the regular consumer is more familiar with categorization by material, in which wool rugs are known to be the most favorable.

Wool rugs have a number of strengths that they can be identified with, which compensate for their weaknesses such as the fact that they are prone to fading and shedding. The following are some of the good qualities of wool rugs:

Fire Resistance

Wool is known to be resistant to fire. It does not require any treatment to become non-flammable. They are preferably used around fireplaces, as they are characteristically unable to foster a flame. Firefighters’ suits are made of wool, as they are impervious to flames. This is the type of rug to use if you want to decorate a den with a fireplace.

Water Repellence

Fluids cannot pass through a wool rug, as the fibers are too closely knit. This means any liquid or fluid will just roll down. For areas where children usually play and the kitchen floors, wool rugs are the ideal type of rugs to use.


This is so due to its ability to withstand environmental stressors and strains. This can be attributed to the many-coiled springs composing of wool fibers. The material is able to stretch instead of breaking when put under pressure. Therefore, the whole rug is able to preserve its structure. They are great for areas with high traffic like the living room since they are good looking and are tough.

Dyes Beautifully

The proteins in the fiber’s core which are more reactive than others enable wool fibers to absorb different dyes better. They also have a tendency of diffusing light reflection resulting in a softer finished color product. The attribute of wool dyeing beautifully creates a colorful home.

Dust and Dirt Repellence

Wool absorbs moisture, which controls the buildup of static electricity. Lint and dust from the air are attracted by static. Dirt cannot get deeper into the structure due to the scales on the surface of the fiber, which makes cleaning less demanding.

Noise Insulator

Wool is very common in concert halls, offices, and it is used as a staple piece of decoration in airports as it absorbs and reduces the sound levels in those places.


Wool rugs are not limited to the places they can fit in; they fit well in many areas ranging from homes to offices. They can be used in both the outdoors and indoors. Design concepts, both romantic or minimalist, fit in with wool.

To suit your budget better, you can consult a number of stores that sell rugs online for the best advice on what wool product they have. Given their advantages, wool rugs sell for quite a high price. Finding yourself a reliable online merchant gives you all the reason to spend at any cost.

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